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A Note From Me to You

Dear Friend,

My pain, or your pain. Our experiences might be vastly different from one another and not similar at all. But one thing we have in common is that we receive wounds and we hurt. Pain is pain, regardless of where it comes. The way you work through your pain might not be the way I am dealing with mine. And yes, it is work and it does take patience.

I cannot offer you the answer. I wish for solutions, something to make things better, and to send the pain packing. But pack it would, and would greet you when the suitcase is disturbed in ten, twenty, or even fifty years. No amount of what you may eat, inject, or do will fill the "hole" or make the pain go away.

The words I have are simply from my own experience. I can testify that facing the hurt places in my heart brought a new completeness, and as you work with yours, healing will come in time. It might take years, but your mountaintop will come. I simply say "let the hurt, hurt". Your heart needs to heal; refusing to feel the gift of your pain will result in struggle later. Meanwhile, fill your life with gratefulness for God's work in your life right now. Even if it means being grateful for torrents of tears and red means you loved, and loved well.

Our Creator did not make us to be alone in our sorrow. Jesus knows your pain. He died for your sins. Stay with Jesus at the foot of the cross. I love that mental picture: Jesus' tears dripping on us as we pour out our own. He cares deeply for the brokenhearted!