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Wounded Trust

Wounded Trust is a 251 page story written while in the stages of deep grief. The likeness of grief to a literal wound prompted me to choose this title. Throughout the book sections short descriptions of an actual wound to a emotional wound fit perfectly what I was experiencing and really still am. Writing this book forced me to face my feelings head-on. As I read over my feelings again and again I began to realize that without them I would be desolate. Grief is a strange thing, foreign to our bodies. We were created to live in a perfect world, free from separation, disappointments, and sorrow. Grief still repulses me. One may think that I would be used to it by now. After all, it has been my visitor for three years. Just in case you wonder, I will still only refer to it as my visitor in fifty years.

But there is hope and abundant grace available. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I live at the foot of the cross because it it there I can spread my arms in praise and leave my burdens.

I offer you this book, Wounded Trust because I believe that the ugliness of my wound, insecurities, and disappointments are redeemed by Jesus. My prayer is that you will be encouraged to face your own pain, give it totally to Jesus, and live in the grace of God.

As ugly as it may seem, experiencing pain is to feel the beginning of healing!